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About us

Discover the story behind Brighter Site and our commitment to help businesses manage their online presence with confidence.

Providing Businesses with Tools & Support to Succeed Online!

Our mission is to empower businesses to take control of their online presence with the tools they need to accelerate growth and achieve their goals. We believe that every business, no matter what size, should have the tools and knowledge to thrive in the digital world.

Elevating Your Online Presence with our Tailored Solutions

Our user-friendly solutions allow businesses to engage with customers without needing specialised technical skills, eliminating the need to pay additional agency fees and leading to significant cost savings.

Additionally, our intuitive solutions mean that changes can be made swiftly, ensuring that businesses can react to market trends and customer feedback in real-time. This agility saves time, allowing businesses to focus on growth and innovation.

Average yearly cost savings*
1-2 Weeks
Average starter site launch
Increased visits
Satisfaction guarantee

Clients & Partners

The exceptional businesses have worked with over the years to achieve remarkable outcomes together.

Our Core Values

Discover our core values that shape our unique approach to digital solutions.


We approach every project with a dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality and innovation.


We leverage the diverse expertise of our clients, partners and team members to achieve remarkable outcomes together.


We understand that success requires more than just a website - it requires the tools, knowledge and support to thrive.


Feedback from our clients about their experiences working with Brighter Site.

Brighter Site has been a wonder. Being a tech dinosaur, I found the whole concept of having a webpage, let alone managing and updating it, so ghastly that I avoided it. But since working with Brighter Site I am now actually enjoying it all! Brighter Site are fabulously responsive, supportive, patient and great at what they do. They listen to feedback perfectly so you are involved in the creation directly. Couldn’t recommend them higher.

Clare Pettitt

Owner of Chiro & Cranio

Revamping the old website was a big deal for us, and the image we wanted to portray of our therapy. Delighted with the results! Brighter Site worked closely with us, making suggestions and incorporating the pieces of the jigsaw we wanted to include until we found a perfect balance!! Project delivered ahead of schedule and on budget - no hesitation in recommending their services.

Chris Duquemin

Founder of New Vision Therapy

I chose Brighter Site as they offered me the ability to change my website easily as opposed to some other design agencies I spoke to, who would require charges for every change. The resulting website was not only easy to edit but was beautifully designed and matched my brand perfectly. Everyone I show the website to thinks it looks very professional!

Tom Pieprzowski


Elite Dog Training

I had the most amazing and smooth experience with Brighter Site. Chris and Harry communicated very efficiently and professionally along the way and guided me step by step through the process with patient explanations and valuable feedback added to my ideas. I can highly recommend Brighter Site.

Manuela French


Acupuncture Jersey

I’m thrilled to say that Brighter Site delivered exactly what we asked for. Their pricing structure was clearly laid out, making it abundantly clear what we were getting for our money. After sharing the vision, they immediately grasped the ‘feel’ of what we wanted and designed it perfectly. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Brighter Site.

James Carré-Rice

Online Life Coach

Our Process

We believe that a well-defined and efficient process is the key to achieving success and ensuring optimal results.

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