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Hussars Combat Fitness

March 2024

HUSSARS was founded by martial artists, fitness pros, and ex-military to help people overcome their fears and limits. The user-friendly website offers info on activities and events, with easy member registration, and the on-page editor keeps activity updates and event info current for visitors.

Mailmate Print

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February 2024

Mailmate, established in 1983, has served the island for over four decades with a variety of printing services. Committed to quality, speed, and excellent service, Mailmate provides custom solutions for all printing needs. The website uses advanced categorisation for easy navigation, enabling users to quickly locate desired information, and the on-page editor ensures the site's content stays current by allowing swift updates of services and resources.

Mailmate Xmas Project

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September 2023

Mailmate's Xmas Project lets parents turn their child’s artwork into special cards and gifts with a simple online ordering process. Designed on Webflow and converted to Shopify, the site offers an intuitive shopping experience, making it effortless for busy parents to order personalised items featuring their child's art.

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