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Referral Program

Join the Brighter Site referral program and earn up to £1,000 for each referral that purchases one of our website packages!

Spread the Word About Brighter Site & Earn Commission!

Refer a business to Brighter Site and if they purchase any one of our website packages, you’ll receive 10% commission. That's between £100 and £1,000 for each successful referral!

The business you refer will also receive a 10% discount on any website package they purchase, so everyone wins!

How Does it Work?

We've made it easy for anyone to take part and start earning commission for each successful referral.

Share Link

After joining our referral program you will receive a unique link that can be shared with anyone you think would benefit from one of our website packages.

Track Referrals

When a referral clicks through on your link and submits their details, you'll receive a notification allowing you to track the progress of each referral.

Get Paid

As soon as a referral completes a website project, you'll receive a final notification confirming your commission payment is on the way!

Referral Program FAQs

Find answers to common questions about our referral program.

Who should I refer?

You can refer anyone who you think would benefit from our services! This could be friends, family members, colleagues, businesses or any individual interested in one of our website packages. Just make sure they're new customers and not already using our services.

How are my referrals tracked?

When you sign up for our referral program, you'll receive a unique referral link. When a referral clicks through and provide their details, the referral is automatically tracked under your account. You can track the progress of each referral on the following page: Referral Dashboard

How will I know if my referral purchased a website package?

You'll receive a notification via email once your referral has completed a website project with us. We'll then get in touch to arrange for your commission payment to be sent.

What benefits do I get for referring someone?

For every successful referral that purchases a website package, you'll earn 10% commission on the total amount paid for the website (after any discounts have been applied) up to a maximum of £1,000.

How and when do I get paid for my referrals?

Commissions are typically processed within 30 days after your referral has made final payment for the website. Payments are sent via bank transfer.

Can my referrals also benefit from joining through my referral link?

Absolutely! We also provide your referrals with a 10% discount on any of our website packages, so everyone wins!

Are there any rules or restrictions for the referral program?

Yes, there are a few rules to keep in mind. Referrals must be new customers, and they must purchase one of our website packages to be valid. Additionally, you cannot refer yourself or create multiple accounts to refer yourself. Please review our referral program terms and conditions for more details.

Still have questions?

If you require assistance with our referral program or have any questions, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help!

Get Started Today!

Join our referral program today to start inviting businesses, and earn 10% commission on each successful referral.

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