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Brighter Site are on a mission to rid the island of under-performing websites, so for a limited time, we’re offering businesses free website reviews worth £125!

What's included?

We don’t auto generate our reports like other companies. Each Website Review is undertaken by an industry professional to ensure the information we provide has a human touch and provides clear actionable steps to improve your website.


One of our team will review your website and social media accounts.


A report will be created and emailed for you to analyse in your own time.


We’ll also provide you with a video review from one of our in-house experts.

“I was very impressed with the quality of our Website Review. It was done by an actual human and gave us loads of ideas to improve our site.“


What things do we look at?

Our easy to understand report covers a range of website trouble areas and provides written descriptions for each test using as little technical terminology as possible.


Are the individual elements of your brand consistent and structured effectively?


Is your website easy to use and navigate? Does it provide clear actions for your users?


How effective is your website at appearing high up the search results on Google?


Is your website slow or suffering from any server speed problems?


Do you link to a consistent brand on social media and do you offer free content?


Each check is clearly marked with a tick or cross to clarify what actions we recommend taking.

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  • PDF Report which will be emailed for you to analyse in your own time.
  • Video Review from one of our in-house experts highlighting all the key points from the Website Review.
  • Your report will not be auto generated. All our checks are done by humans to ensure the information we provide is clear and avoids technical language where possible

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